Hello there, I’m Judith Carnaby. I am a freelance illustrator, illustration writer and educator, and the founder of Illustrators Illustrated. I have recently returned to Wellington, New Zealand after living for the last eight years in Berlin, Germany.

I enjoy working closely with clients to develop the best way to communicate and visualise their needs, whether it is an exciting local project, or one with international reach. I try to bring personality to my illustration work, creating visual ideas that are playful, smart, engaging and challenging, as well as executed to the highest quality. I have experience in a variety of illustration techniques, from hand-drawn to digital, and am mindful of the needs of art directors under time pressure!

In New Zealand I studied contemporary art, and then worked at two of NZ’s best contemporary art galleries. I have strong skills in concept development and communication, with a broad knowledge of many forms of creative practice, including art direction, visual communication, set design and writing. I have a personal interest in projects that support openness, sustainability and humanitarian values, and am a strong advocate for the roles, rights and responsibilities of illustrators to be connected and active voices in the visual arts.

I would be excited to talk to you about your communication needs, and how illustration could play a vital role. I am happy to work internationally, and can speak English and German.

To take a peek into my life and work in Berlin, check out this feature interview with Freunde von Freunden!

Get in touch!

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