Illustrators Illustrated

Alongside my own creative work, I founded Illustrators Illustrated, an online platform for illustration, based in Berlin. It is focused on critical discussion and exploration of illustration, with interviews, articles and reviews, all illustrated! The website aims to bring illustrators together, both online as well as in person, at events and workshops as well as develop as a space for discussion, skill sharing, education and sharing of resources. With Illustrators Illustrated I want to help illustrators collaborate with other artists, and to be active, mindful and connected voices in the visual arts.

Illustrators Illustrated Website

The Illustrators Illustrated website includes interviews, articles, reviews and special projects, all illustrated. I developed the websites’ visual identity, website structure and design, and created all the websites graphic elements.

Illustration Writing and Research

I write about illustration – focusing on criticism and the exploration of illustration as a medium. As part of my research and writing I conduct in-person interviews with illustrators and other illustration industry professionals; write reviews of publications and exhibitions; visit studios and work spaces; as well as create in-depth special projects on themes and illustration events.

I have also written for New Zealand’s pre-eminent interiors magazine Urbis, which features stylish interiors and objects, fascinating places, interesting people and more; and I have contributed to New Zealand art magazine, Magasine.

Drawn Together

As part of Illustrators Illustrated I host Drawn Together, a monthly illustrators meet-up. Drawn Together is a relaxed evening event where illustrators can meet each other and network, chat about work or life, and play some fun illustration parlour games together.

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