Berliner Sommer

Berliner Sommer is a summery apple and vodka drink created by Berlin company Bottled Liquids.

Berliner Sommer is the summery sister of Berliner Winter, and I have worked in close collaboration with founder Benjamin Fischer since the drinks’ inception. Together we developed the branding and design for Berliner Winter, upon which the Berliner Sommer branding is based. I created the identity’s handmade type and illustration, as well as designing the label. As part of a complete branding package I created illustrations for the Berliner Sommer website, and continue to create ongoing advertising content including posters, flyers, postcards and table-top flyers.

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Berliner Winter

Berliner Winter is the original hot winter sister drink to Berliner Sommer. Apple, vodka and secret spices combine to make it the perfect warming drink for those cold and grey Berlin winter days.